—random writing—

Faster than a train
Colliding like two,
Dark shrouds fill the air
And oil pollutes
This sea of affection
While all living things,
Struggle to survive
along with pieces of us
In distressed waters,
On shaky ground
Earthquakes separate what was once solid
Much like how scissors cut,
Splitting us into two.
Hearts into pieces,
Was once vibrant
Now split ends.
Like that delicious dessert
You two split
As I slipped on a banana
Somewhere in this jungle love


Infinity is playing in the sandbox of time
Eternity is swimming deeper into your eyes
Youth is feeling your hair slip through my fingers

In the centre of your storm
The beautiful disaster that is you
My armageddon
My new beginning
My queen
My reason for rebellion

Tell me stories of unicorns, and dragons;
The world in which we belong.
And i’ll fall for it all.
Meshing the worlds of reality and fantasy
Innocence is ignorant
Give me false hope;
Become my religion

Become my everything
Vanish into nothing
Only so i can forever search for something that doesn’t exist;
Consume me


Icicles form on the air conditioner
But the sun is in this room
Burning our hinderence
Exposing our inner desires
Melting the sheets
As your face melts in ecstacy

Soft linen
And a hard body
You’re the meat to this sandwich
And I tend to savor every morsel
Sweat on flesh
Moans in a pillow
Sweet dreams;
This one is far from over

Daily plans forgotten, the mind has no purpose here
Primal instincts take over as we battle for survival
Our bodies pushed to the limit
A final thrust followed by fatigue
Your last sign of life
Escapes through a sigh
Rest easy. 

—————-TO BE FINISHED—————-


you’ve said a lot of things
I fell for it all.
My mind painted a perfect picture
When i should have relied on insecurity,
At least then I’d know what to expect 

Like a sheltered tribesman
Speaking in foreign tongue
And scarred by my right of passage.
I only knew what was in front of me.

Until I was enslaved
And brought into civilization
A world i never knew existed
Flourishing with emotions which names I’ve never known
To go with the life I’ve never had

And you watched as I evolved
And praised you like an almighty God

I just wanted to be everything that you ever wanted,
So i became everything that you ever wanted,
I should have known that’s exactly what you never wanted
Since you left me for everything that you ever wanted.

With no remorse
You ate me whole
And washed me down
With a glass of wine
Foolishly I allowed it
I believed in miracles

As warriors find war
Lovers find love
Both intertwine
Both bittersweet
Both remain constant
In the heat of the moment

Maybe that’s evolution
Learn, Adapt, Thrive
I’ve learned to love,
Adapted to the world you’ve shown me,
And my heart thrives
For your return.